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EDUSAFE Safety Awareness Program Initial Professional Development SCHOLARSHIP

About EDUSAFE Safety Awareness Program Initial Professional Development Scholarship
(Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers ,Supervisors ,Officers, Managers and Advisors)
Fire and Safety Forum (FSF), the international organization, of Health & Safety invites application to the EDUSAFE program tailored to the professional development of Engineers and Senior Managers. FSF as a voluntary organization in the international level, represented by 7000 members from 57 countries, offer scholarship for talented young professionals aspiring to become a CSP Engineer or CSP Manager.
The EDUSAFE program provided by the Research Forum of veteran safety professionals of FSF, bring a 100% free education to update the NVQ level qualification from FSF, to the eligible Candidates. The award will be based on the written test and the interview with the Authorized Trainers of FSF.
FSF announced 36076 allotments from 193 UN approved nations, worth $2.9 M (INR 1.8 B) to get educated in L1, International Safety Language Diploma ISLD qualification from India. Students will be facilitated with Food & Accommodation as well as VISA to come down to India. FSF aims to establish their vision, by educating and empowering eligible professionals in the field of Health and Safety through this Scholarship Program.
Every delegate will be eligible for availing the privileges of Professional Forum of FSF, in continuing professional development to become a Certified Safety Professional. The L1 ISLD training will be for 30 working days, and students will be having an industrial visit during the training. The program enables engineers or other professionals to get more recognition and remuneration as well as set up a good career foundation to the fresher professionals.
The EDUSAFE Program is announced for the academic year of 2016 to 2017. Applications can be made by filling the following form.
EDUSAFE SAP IPD Scholarship batches
Batch LocationRegistrations tillCourse Starts onSeats Available
Kochi,Kerala15 Nov 201615 Oct 2016Filled
Port Blair,Andaman and Nicobar Islands15 Nov 201622 Oct 2016Filled
Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh15 Nov 201629 Oct 2016Filled
Itanagar,Arunachal Pradesh15 Nov 201605 Nov 2016Filled
Dispur,Assam15 Nov 201612 Nov 2016Filled
Patna,Bihar15 Nov 201619 Nov 2016Filled
Mohali,Chandigarh15 Nov 201626 Nov 2016Filled
Naya Raipur,Chhattisgarh15 Nov 201626 Nov 2016Filled
Silvassa,Dadra and Nagar Haveli15 Nov 201603 Dec 2016Filled
Daman,Daman and Diu15 Nov 201610 Dec 2016Filled
New Delhi,Delhi15 Nov 201617 Dec 2016Filled
Panaji,Goa15 Nov 201624 Dec 2016Filled
Ahmedabad,Gujarat15 Nov 201631 Dec 2016Filled
Panipat,Haryana15 Nov 201607 Jan 2017Filled
Shimla,Himachal Pradesh15 Nov 201614 Jan 2017Filled
Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir31 Dec 201621 Jan 2017Filled
Ranchi,Jharkhand31 Dec 201628 Jan 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jan 201702 Feb 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Jan 201715 Feb 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Feb 201702 Mar 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Feb 201715 Mar 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Mar 201702 Apr 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Mar 201715 Apr 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Apr 201702 May 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Apr 201715 May 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 May 201702 Jun 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 May 201715 Jun 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jun 201702 Jul 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Jun 201715 Jul 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jul 201702 Aug 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Jul 201715 Aug 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Aug 201702 Sep 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Aug 201715 Sep 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Sep 201702 Oct 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Sep 201715 Oct 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Oct 201702 Nov 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Oct 201715 Nov 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Nov 201702 Dec 2017Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Nov 201715 Dec 2017Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Dec 201702 Jan 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Dec 201715 Jan 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jan 201802 Feb 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Jan 201815 Feb 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Feb 201802 Mar 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Feb 201815 Mar 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Mar 201802 Apr 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Mar 201815 Apr 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Apr 201802 May 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Apr 201815 May 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 May 201802 Jun 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 May 201815 Jun 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jun 201802 Jul 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Jun 201815 Jul 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jul 201802 Aug 2018Filled
Kochi,Kerala15 Jul 201815 Aug 2018Filled
New Delhi,Delhi02 Aug 201802 Sep 2018Ongoing
Kochi,Kerala15 Aug 201815 Sep 2018Ongoing
New Delhi,Delhi02 Sep 201802 Oct 201810
Kochi,Kerala15 Sep 201815 Oct 201810
New Delhi,Delhi02 Oct 201802 Nov 201810
Kochi,Kerala15 Oct 201815 Nov 201810
New Delhi,Delhi02 Nov 201802 Dec 201810
Kochi,Kerala15 Nov 201815 Dec 201810
New Delhi,Delhi02 Dec 201802 Jan 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Dec 201815 Jan 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jan 201902 Feb 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Jan 201915 Feb 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Feb 201902 Mar 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Feb 201915 Mar 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Mar 201902 Apr 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Mar 201915 Apr 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Apr 201902 May 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Apr 201915 May 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 May 201902 Jun 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 May 201915 Jun 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jun 201902 Jul 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Jun 201915 Jul 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jul 201902 Aug 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Jul 201915 Aug 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Aug 201902 Sep 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Aug 201915 Sep 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Sep 201902 Oct 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Sep 201915 Oct 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Oct 201902 Nov 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Oct 201915 Nov 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Nov 201902 Dec 201910
Kochi,Kerala15 Nov 201915 Dec 201910
New Delhi,Delhi02 Dec 201902 Jan 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Dec 201915 Jan 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jan 202002 Feb 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Jan 202015 Feb 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Feb 202002 Mar 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Feb 202015 Mar 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Mar 202002 Apr 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Mar 202015 Apr 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Apr 202002 May 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Apr 202015 May 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 May 202002 Jun 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 May 202015 Jun 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jun 202002 Jul 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Jun 202015 Jul 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Jul 202002 Aug 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Jul 202015 Aug 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Aug 202002 Sep 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Aug 202015 Sep 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Sep 202002 Oct 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Sep 202015 Oct 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Oct 202002 Nov 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Oct 202015 Nov 202010
New Delhi,Delhi02 Nov 202002 Dec 202010
Kochi,Kerala15 Nov 202015 Dec 202010

Bank Name State Bank of India(SBI)
Account Name Fire and safety forum
Account Number 31647251891
Branch Kaloor
IFSC Code SBIN 0008621